Mental Health


Mission Statement

Strengthening school support systems and resources for students facing social, emotional, or mental health issues. Recognizing that the Covid-19 pandemic has unearthed a failure of public education in supporting student mental health, GENup is continuing its work to ensure that students have access to healthy and accommodating environments at both the state and local level.

Policy Slate

AB748 (Asm. Carrillo) 

This bill would require each school site in a school district, county office of education, or charter school, serving grades 6-12, to create and display mental health posters informing students of available mental health services and positive coping strategies on campus, in each school bathroom and locker room. 

SB387 (Sen. Portantino) 

This bill would require county offices of education, school districts, state special schools, and charter schools, serving grades 7-12, to certify that 75% of classified and certified employees have received youth behavioral health training, including but not limited to addressing the signs of mental health and substance use disorders. 


SB21 (Sen. Glazer) 

Establishes a special license plate program to fund a Mental Health Awareness Fund in the State Treasury. Revenue from license plates would be used to fund mental health services in public schools.