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GENup Collective for Student Voice

Who We Are

The GENup Collective for Student Voice aims to unite efforts for social justice in education through a student-focused advocacy coalition. We strive to amplify youth voices in civic dialogue and drive tangible improvements in K-12 and collegiate education. 


About the Coalition

During last year's legislative cycle, 19 bills that GENup authored, wrote, sponsored, supported, and/or advocated for were signed into law. This year, we are incredibly excited for our students to work with a diverse cohort of state and federal legislators on important pieces of our policy agenda, including measures regarding student mental health, climate, identity equity, civic engagement, and public health, amongst many others.


The coalition serves as a centralized platform for collaboration and amplification across GENup’s expansive partnerships network. By signing on, partners will have the opportunity to:

  • Network with our expansive array of legislative, organizational, and student contacts (including our 4,000+ student member base)

  • Partake in and support a 100% student-led, youth-drive, grassroots coalition

  • Join issue-based sub-coalitions across a diverse policy slate to directly spearhead legislative advocacy, if they choose

  • Bolster a community of youth-led and youth-oriented organizations in a sweeping effort to represent student voices in the public sphere

  • Attend town halls, webinars, and key meetings with top public/elected officials


Coalition Expectations

By signing onto the GENup Collective for Student Voice, partners are NOT committing their support for/endorsement of our policy agenda. The coalition merely serves as a platform to foster easier and more frequent communication regarding student-driven advocacy in the public education sector. While partners will be associated with GENup through our website, they will NOT be mentioned in relation to any specific policy advocacy unless they join a policy sub-coalition and/or explicitly endorse a portion of our legislative slate. 


The coalition will host monthly briefings to provide policy and collective updates, where all partner organizations will be invited to showcase their work and help strategize the broader coalition agenda. Most coalition communication will occur via Slack and email list/server. 


We hope you join us in our pursuit of social justice!​

Find us at:

Website:; Instagram:; Facebook: @genupus; Twitter: @GENupUS

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