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Technology Committee

The Technology Committee handles a variety of tech-related activities, from managing the website and other online platforms, to setting up webinars and our digital outreach tools, and much more!


Director of Technology

Pranavi Sammidi (she/her) is a rising sophomore at Westview High School. She has a strong interest in empowerment and the need for student support. While attending schools with a lack of diversity and inclusion, she saw firsthand how the teaching of awareness slipped through the cracks of formal education. She strives to bring equity into the classroom, ensuring that people feel welcomed in their learning spaces and community. Pranavi truly believes that grassroots organizing is such an amazing way of creating change and is adept at empowering the individual. She has been involved in activism all throughout her life whether it be attending protests, volunteering or speaking up in the face of injustice. She joined GENup to meet inspiring people and chase her passion of advocacy. Pranavi takes part in different cultural activism organizations and clubs specific to empowerment in the classroom. In her free time, Pranavi likes to sew, listen to music and code.

face - Stesha Simon.HEIC

Director of Technology

Stesha Simon (she/her) is a junior at James Logan High School whol loves coding, UX/UI designing and has a passion for responsible innovation, she's been part of projects showcasing her technical prowess. In addition, Stesha actively participates in policy discussions, aiming to bridge the gap between technology and governance. Her involvement in GENup is driven by her desire to connect with inspiring individuals and pursue her passion for advocacy. Stesha truly believes in the power of technology to bring about positive change and advocates for responsible practices in its development and implementation. Her active participation in speech and debate underscores her belief in effective communication as a means to influence policy and promote ethical innovation. Stesha's dedication reflects her genuine commitment to shaping a future where technology serves society responsibly and inclusively. In the future, she aims to make a significant contribution to GENup's impact by raising awareness and expanding its reach through the website!

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Director of Technology

Angela Dang (she/her) is a junior at Santa Teresa High School in San Jose, California. She has prior experience in UI/UX design and a passion for technology, serving as a website designer/developer for local organizations in her community. Through these social groups, she has developed her passion for educational advocacy even further. Her interest in GENup sparked when she discovered the impact the organization fostered through educational advocacy. In turn, she took the role of Director of Technology, working to update, revamp, and develop the GENup website. As Director of Technology, Angela is excited to use her prior background in website design as well as communication to share the latest news and stories of GENup in engaging and captivating ways! In the future, she aspires to significantly contribute to GENup’s impact, spreading awareness and broadening its scope through the website!

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