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Take a Seat

What is the purpose?

The Take a Seat Campaign is one of GENup’s oldest and most widespread initiatives, and something that’s very important to us as an organization as it aims to get even more students positions on their School Boards. We believe students are the primary stakeholders in education and that should be reflected in the decision-making process for our public schools. Once a student board member is established in the district, we can connect them with our network of members across the state so that they can communicate with each other about large-scale projects and initiatives. To learn more about the California Student Board Member Association, visit our website for information.

What does the campaign look like?

To establish a Student Board Position in a school district, make a petition requesting this development and get at least 10% of your school district OR 500 students to sign on. 

What steps can I take?

If you share a petition with your district, they HAVE TO establish the position within 60 days. 

How can my chapter or I get involved? 

Get started on this campaign by using our toolkit, and to get extra help, please email!

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