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Campaigns Team

The Campaigns Team creates resources to assist chapters in successfully operating and executing campaigns.

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Chief Campaigns Officer

Maegha Ramanathan (she/her) is a high school student at Dublin High School! From a young age, she has always been passionate about change-making and community service, and has gained over 200 volunteer hours solely dedicated to changing the environment--which is part of why she joined GENup. As a Campaigns Director of GENup, she helps design toolkits for chapters and ideates ways GENup can improve and expand. Apart from GenUp, she is a passionate swimmer, debater, and volunteer at many organizations.

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Director of Campaign Development

Eve Youkana (she/her) is a junior at Grace Davis High School in Modesto, California. She is very passionate about my culture and an advocate for gender equality. As a first-generation Assyrian, her parents immigrated from Iraq and have taught her the importance of education and how detrimental the reality of unequal access to education is. This inspired her to pursue an interest in education reform, as she is determined to create an environment that ensures all students are given the opportunity to thrive. To reach this goal at her own school, she has created clubs that aim to foster an equitable campus, like Project HER, which combats gender inequality in her community. She was inspired to join GENup after discovering their efforts in passing the AB 367 bill and the Women’s Caucus Campaign. In her spare time, she likes going shopping and discovering new trends in fashion. She also serve on her School Site Council committee, where she represents the voices of the student body in the decisions our administration makes. She is also involved in student government, CSF, mock trial, speech and debate, and key club, which have refined her experience in community involvement and public speaking. Her love for advocacy propels her aspiration of becoming an attorney, as she is on a constant endeavor to fight for justice not only in our schools, but also our society.

52D8126C-DB2A-4C59-93C1-BF656983DEF6_1_105_c - Kelly Ha.jpeg

Director of Campaign Development

Kelly Ha (she/her) is a junior at Rancho Alamitos High School in the Garden Grove Unified School District. Before moving to California in 2021, Kelly lived in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Being able to see the differences in education across the world has motivated Kelly to fight for the importance of education, and especially for equity within the education system. She has dedicated her life to advocacy and social justice, finding a passion for politics and campaigning from a very young age. In middle school, Kelly started a non-profit organization, Benevolentia, with the purpose of educating fellow students and her community on important current events, and then creating campaigns in-person and on social media in order to raise awareness and fundraise to donate to valuable causes. With GENup, Kelly hopes to work with other student leaders to create a lasting and meaningful impact on the world.

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Director of Campaign Development

Anuj Patel (he/him) is a first year at Claremont McKenna College studying Biology and Public Policy. His interest in politics began in high school, when he joined the California board of Students Against Voter Suppression. Serving on both the state and national board, he grew an appreciation for large-scale as well as grassroots policy change. This inspired him to start his own organization focused entirely on local organizing. He has been involved in bills to institute an ethnic studies graduation requirement in California and expand menstrual product access in high schools across the state. He hopes to incorporate his interests in policy and healthcare to advocate for student health at GENup.

A04AEF30-C957-4B44-9FD9-C0C8F240ED71 - Arvind Salem.jpeg

Director of Campaign Development

Arvind Salem (he/him) is a student at Novi High School in Novi, Michigan. He is active in many political organizations including High School Democrats of America, the Institute for Youth in Policy, New Way Forward Strategies, and U.S. RENEW NEWS, with a foccus on breaking down complicated political issues, culminating in the publication of his book Intro To Politics: A Student's Guide.

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