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CA Students 

Bill of Rights Campaign


GENup is leading the campaign on pioneering the adoption of localized student bill of rights across California School Districts, via the passage of board resolutions.

GENup, in an effort to cultivate student agency and recognition of fundamental students rights, believes it is integral that:
  • school boards across California adopt a localized student bill of rights that ensures students are equal partners in the education they receive; and
  •  it is integral for schools to protect the rights of all students; and ensure that students feel equipped and prepared to continue their education even in challenging and adaptive circumstances; and
  • students are vital and important stakeholders to any education system, and strong student engagement and participation is crucial to the success of any CA School District; and
  • strong student voice in local education policy is not common, and allowing students a platform to speak out against the injustices in their community ensures accurate representation of all students.
GENup Chapters across California are currently spearheading efforts to adopt localized student bill of rights resolutions across districts. For sample SBR resolution language: refer to San Diego resolution below.

GENup's San Diego chapter worked directly with the San Diego Student Board Member (SBM) Zachary Patterson to draft, write, and author San Diego’s first ever student bill of rights. The San Diego Board of Education unanimously adopted this resolution on their 6/23/2020 board meeting. See sample language below:


In addition, GENup helped the LA Student Board Member Frances Suavillo provide input on LAUSD’s first student bill of rights. The LAUSD SBR passed the resolution on LAUSD's 6/23/2020 Board of Education Meeting. GENup was cited as a contributing organization. See sample language below (item 27):

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