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School Board Town Halls

What's the purpose? 

GENup strives to increase youth civic engagement and awareness of local elections. Students deserve to be aware of the details of school board candidacy. Each chapter’s town hall will serve as an opportunity for students to get to know who is running to represent them and make the decisions affecting our health. Students engage directly with the candidates by asking them questions about their campaign, their priorities if elected, and how they are going to increase communication between the students and the board.


How does the campaign work? 

Each student town hall forum should host either all of the candidates all together or one individual candidate at a time. These forums are meant to attract hopefully over fifty audience members and serve as a means of transparency and accountability for the candidates. Students learn about the candidates platform and the candidates learn about what students care about, which will then be reflected in their actions when/if elected. 

How to Help

If you would like to hold your own school board town hall, read this toolkit!


You can also watch the video below for more information!

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