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Teach Our History (TOHC)

What is the purpose of the Teach Our History California Coalition?


One of GENup’s primary policy focuses is to promote an academic curriculum that accurately represents the diversity of our state. The Teach Our History California coalition was formed to amplify the voices of students in support of AB101, the assembly bill that would make ethnic studies a graduation requirement for all California students. We believe that students deserve to learn the full history of the United States, especially the storied pasts of communities of color. 


What does the campaign look like? 


In order to expand access to ethnic studies, AB101 must pass through the state legislature with the support of Governor Newsom. Our campaign is currently targeting local legislators to ensure that AB101 has a smooth transition through the necessary committees. Also, the coalition seeks to start a broader conversation about ethnic studies through our social media presence. 


What can I do to get involved?


For more information about the fight for ethnic studies and how you can get involved, follow @teachourhistoryca on Instagram. 

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