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Ed100 Summer Online Academy

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What is the Ed100 Summer Online Academy for Student Leaders?


The Ed100 Summer Online Academy for Student Leaders is a free online-only summer program for California high school student leaders — especially those who in the coming year will be serving: 

  • on a school site council or ELAC

  • on their school board, 

  • on a PTSA board or other school community leadership 

  • in leadership of a students' rights organization

Students in grades 9-12 who aspire to these roles in the future may also apply.  

What are the Goals of this conference?

  • Educate for credibility: Help high school student leaders throughout California understand how the education system works at a level suitable for engaging in it as a leader. 

  • Connect for impact: Introduce high school student leaders to organizations and programs in the "ecosystem" of California education in a way that leads to action. Connect talent with opportunities. 

  • Reach for equity: Include student leaders from each high school in California. By making this conference free and online, this vision is not merely aspirational. 

  • Accelerate for wisdom: By providing intentional training and fostering connections in the summer, with focus on rising juniors and sophomores, this conference seeks to support the development of strong "pipelines" of knowledgeable student leaders for school site councils, school boards, school organizations and student organizations. 

  • Respect the moment: This conference is being launched in the context of a pandemic and a social awakening about institutionalized racism. Student leaders need to be ready to participate in crafting the response. 

Why Apply for this Online Summer Academy?

The purpose of the Ed100 Summer Academy is to prepare you — quickly and intentionally — to be a knowledgeable, connected and influential member of a school site council, school board, ELAC, PTA board, or education advocacy organization. In these roles you will serve alongside teachers, administrators and trustees, some with decades of experience. 

In the course of this three-day online program, you will: 

  • Learn about California's complex, diverse public education system, so that you can have confidence, credibility and influence.

  • Learn how the system might change, and why it matters. 

  • Learn about and connect with organizations that involve student leaders in real work that makes a difference, especially in California's education system. This conference is a bridge.

  • Connect with other remarkable student leaders.

  • Begin your year of service in this time of crisis with a sense of direction and purpose. With feedback from other students, you will have a chance to begin answering an important question: what will you do in your role as a leader? 

When Will It Happen?

The Online Academy starts on Monday, June 21 and ends Wednesday, June 23, 2021. Course sessions and breakouts will be held online daily from 10:00 am to noon and from 2pm to 4pm. (You'll be expected to do some additional reading and preparing independently.) 


Online meeting rooms will be provided on June 23 to help facilitate follow-up meetings among groups of students and with student-facing organizations.


Enrollment may be limited for this conference. To apply, fill out the following form by June 14:


Admission is on a first come, first serve basis, so apply now!

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