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Learning Accessibility and Resource Equity 

Mission Statement

Ensuring that all schools provide the resources and support necessary for all students to access a high-quality education regardless of their circumstances. 

Policy Slate


This bill allows local educational institutions to exempt underprivileged high school juniors and seniors with special circumstances from their coursework and requirements that are necessary to graduate. The high school juniors and seniors who this may be applicable include students who are English-learners, homeless youth, and more. This bill requires that the student and the person that holds the right over their educational decisions is informed of the situation and the options for the future.

SB237 (Sen. Portantino)

This bill would require that before June 30, 2022, the State Board of Education must make a list of appropriate screening instruments to be used by a local educational agency to screen pupils for risk of dyslexia. It would start in the 2022–23 school year, and annually thereafter to screen each pupil in kindergarten-2nd for risk of dyslexia by using the screening instrument. A local educational agency serving pupils in grade 3 to screen each pupil, and it would require results from the screening to be made available to a pupil’s parent or guardian no more than 45 calendar days from administering the screening.

SB70 (Sen. Rubio)

This bill would require students to complete one year in kindergarten.

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