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Association for 
Civic Engagement (ACE)

Mission Statement

Welcome to the Association for Civic Engagement! We are a grassroots coalition of student activists seeking to let young people of all backgrounds, cultures, and identities have a seat at the table where decisions are being made. Our mission is to enfranchise voters, give students the opportunity to serve on governing boards, and amplify youth representation in legislative advocacy. By joining our coalition, you are stating your commitment to equity and accessibility for all.






































Policy Slate

AB46 - California Youth Empowerment Act (Asm. Rivas)

This bill would create the California Youth Empowerment Act to address, among other issues, the growing need to engage youth directly with policymakers. The bill would require the commission to conduct regular meetings, and, among other duties, formally advise and make recommendations to the Legislature, the Superintendent of Public Instruction, and the Governor, on various legislative and fiscal issues affecting youth. The commission would consist of 25 voting commissioners between 14 and 25 years of age. At least 10 commissioners shall have experienced a physical disability, youth homelessness, foster care, or juvenile incarceration. As an organization dedicated to youth civil representation, GENup strongly supports the creation of such an entity. 

 AB339 - Remote Civic Participation (Asm. Lee)

This bill would require all meetings to include an opportunity for all persons to attend via a call-in option or an internet-based service option that provides closed captioning services, increasing access for all peoples to be engaged in democracy in action. The bill would require all meetings to provide the public with an opportunity to comment on proposed legislation and requires translation services to be provided for the 10 most-spoken languages, other than English, in California, The bill would require instructions on how to attend the meeting to be posted at the time notice of the meeting is publicized. As strong proponents of civic engagement, GENup strongly supports this bill. 

AB53 - Election Day Holiday (Asm. Low)

This bill would add the day on which a statewide general election is held to the lists of holidays. The bill would require community colleges and public schools to close on any day on which a statewide general election is held. The bill would require that state employees, with specified exceptions, be given time off with pay for days on which a statewide general election is held. GENup believes this bill would celebrate the act of voting and make the polls more accessible to all. 

AB824 - Student Board Members (Asm. Bennett)

This bill would authorize county boards of education and charter schools to also appoint one or more high school pupils as members of their governing bodies in response to petitions from high school pupils enrolled in their county, or in their charter school. GENup is a strong proponent of student representation at all governmental levels, and believes that students deserve to have a voice at the table. 

AB824 Subcommittee

Under the ACE Coalition, organizations are able to sign onto the AB824 Subcommittee. Devoted to ensuring there is student representation in all levels of Education, members of this subcommittee are primarily focused on our tier one bill AB824 (the Student Board Member Expansion). Members of this subcommittee include: the California Student Board Member Association (CSBMA), California High School Democrats (CAHSD), and Step it Up!

Our Ask of Our Partners

As a member of our youth-led coalition, you would be supporting monumental bills to augment civic engagement not just for students, but for all Californians. Your support would ensure that these bills pass in committee hearings, on the Senate and Assembly floor, and are ultimately signed into law by Governor Newsom. During these hearings, we would ask you to mobilize your team and your members by:

           -Giving public comment in support of the bills in front of the legislature 

           -Engaging in social media traction (i.e posting infographics on your Instagram, sharing videos of student   

            testimonials, Tweeting at your Senators and Assemblymembers in Twitter storms, etc.) 

           -Sending in letters of support 

           -Press releases and press conferences

*Joining our coalition does not mean automatically supporting each bill. Our team is willing to meet with you to discuss the parameters of your support and participation in ACE. 


If you have any questions feel free to contact: 

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Coalition Partners:


CSBMA is a student-led association of school district Student Board Members from across California that works together to better represent their constituents, allow for statewide youth advocacy, and provide support in the effort to expand Student Board Members across the state.

About GENup

GENup is a California based, nationwide student-led social justice organization and student-activist coalition that strives to advocate for education through the power of youth voices!

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