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Funding Stability & Finance Transparency

Mission Statement

Educational funding is allocated to areas of need to ensure optimal learning environments and outcomes for all students. Our slate prioritizes funding gaps left from the COVID-19 pandemic and recognizes the need for financial stability in vulnerable student populations. 

Policy Slate

SB 3 (Sen. Caballero) 

This bill creates a portal of actions, expenditures, and progress on metrics included within an LEA’s local control and accountability plans. Requires each LEA to annually report the types of services on which it spends its supplemental and concentration grant funds.

SB830 (Sen. Portantino)

The Education Finance Bill states that LCAP funding is centered around the Average Daily Membership, which means means the quotient of the enrollment days for all pupils in a local educational agency, from kindergarten to grade 12, divided by the total number of instructional days for the local educational agency in an academic year. The local educational agency would report the average daily membership to the Superintendent on July 1. At least 50% of their supplemental education funding should supplement existing local educational agency expenditures to address chronic absenteeism and habitual truancy.

View the GENup 2021-2022 Policy Slate here:

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